Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

All year long I thought I was one year older than I actually was - so this is like a bonus year, because now I actually feel one year younger!

Celebrated by hanging out at Toronto Island with Rob, which happily coincided with the Labour Day weekend and the full moon.

Great weather. Sunny & not too hot, perfect for biking along the break wall. The nights were cool enough to snuggle in close to a fire on the beach. Winds were brisk enough for a great sail home.

Alex joined us Sunday/Monday and we hung out together; he's a great kid. I enjoy talking with him and hearing his points of view on life and love.

This time of year always feels like a fresh start to me.... coinciding with my birthday and back to school, it makes me feel like sharpening pencils and contemplating blank pages in notebooks. Anything is possible!

Interesting advice for the coming year:

Your horoscope for September 07

Eugenia Last:
Happy Birthday: Be a little more creative about the way you handle your financial matters. Use your common sense and insight to invest in something with potential. Taking action will be what leads to your success so don't procrastinate. Your numbers are 6, 14, 17, 23, 29, 32, 40
Birthday Baby: You are engaging and know how to get things done. You are a leader with creative flair. You are dedicated and intent on making a difference.
CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Devon Sawa, 31; Corbin Bernsen, 55; Julie Kavner, 59; Gloria Gaynor, 60

Phil Booth:
Thought for the Day:
Mercury's forward motion has come to a full stop. No, the sky is not falling, although a lot in your life might feel like it's falling apart. This is good. No worries. Adjust yourself quickly to the new astrological climate and you'll come up a winner.
If today is your birthday: If you're looking for clarity while in the midst of confusion, reassurance will come this year, along with many other wondrous surprises. The next 12 months will bring many encouraging developments with far-reaching benefits.


The Clever Pup said...

I definitely agree about the fresh start. Does it ever go away? I want to sign up for something - anything at UofT. Purge my closets, etc.

Toronto was pretty great this weekend. We had a yard sale. Everyone was so nice. We made close to $400 selling books and records for a quarter.

The planes were shrieking, seemingly only 100 feet over our heads. Sultry walks with the dog. Full moon like you said.

When my son was small I never knew how old I was. Most of my 30s are a blur.

Is Alex back to school? House seems quiet without my teenaged Pup.

Annika said...

It's a nice feeling to have a "fresh start" once in a while. I too feel that the end of summer holiday, and beginning of school puts me in the "can do" mode. I spent 8 hours cleaning and tidying up 3 months worth of neglect at home. Today is also the beginning of our September "diet". I've decided that we will not buy any processed food for the month of September, but rather eat "real food". Shall be interesting, I already had some cravings today. September is a month of new beginnings.