Thursday, August 6, 2009

U.S. South Shore - Sodus Bay (Day 7)

Conditions sounded ideal for a day of sailing. West winds, 10-15 knots, waves 1-3 feet with 4 feet in the afternoon, chance of showers.

Sodus Bay Yacht Club wasn't accepting visitors until after August 13 (Lazer Regatta), so we decided to skip Sodus Bay and head to Little Sodus. We left 10 a.m.

The wind was not favourable so we only set the jib. Sometime just after noon the waves started getting rather large. 2-3 feet was forecast but this was more like 2 - 3 meters! And the wind felt a lot stiffer than 10-15 knots. Was that a wind funnel in the distance?

It was pretty, all the whitecaps and the fluffy clouds. A new way to blend the horizon. But around 2 pm we started calling the marinas in Sodus to see if they could squeeze in a 30' sailboat. With distress calls in the background on the radio, we head in to Katlynne Marina.

This is the first night we've had to pay to dock, the rest have been reciprocal arrangements. The marina is new, clean and spacious. Pool tables and shuffleboard in the clubhouse and party-sized showers.

A few other boats from Bluffers are here - Hayat & Happy Hour. We drank champagne to celebrate Ed and Hugette renewing their marriage vows of 25 years at the Lighthouse Museum, along with with Henk and Gijette. How romantic!

We went to Captain Jacks for dinner and drinks and watched the full moon rise... it looked huge, and a shone a tropical pink. Later we danced on the rooftop to a great live band that specialized in 80's music - lots of fun!

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