Wednesday, August 5, 2009

U.S. South Shore - Rochester (Day 6)

We started heading out of Point Breeze and someone called out after us, "You're not going out in that are you? When we stopped at the marina to pump out they told us even the charter captains weren't going out because it was too rough. That really had us wondering whether we should atttempt to head to Rochester but when we saw another sailboat head out past the break wall, we were quick to follow.

I am happy Rob decided to go, because as lovely as Oak Orchard is I've been wanting to see the Rochester Yacht Club. The club is one of the oldest on the lake, and home to some World Cup Sailing champions.

After 5 very bouncy hours on the lake, the dockmaster at RYC welcomed us, saying, "A little rough out there!"

It really wasn't too bad, waves were just between 1-2 meters, which made it a bit bumpy but there was no threat of storms.

We rode our bikes in to get provisions, made dinner reservations and then got cleaned up.

The RYC dining room overlooks the harbour, and we were seated right by the window, well-positioned to see the boats coming and going on race night. We both had lobster bisque for the first time and the chef had infused this with cognac, so it tasted delicious. It was extremely rich, and I followed it with another extremely rich dish of scallops with a mango-almond sauce that tasted like marzipan. A bit too much butter in one night...

Came home to watch the full moon rise in the sky above a tree and then dart in and out of clouds.

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