Tuesday, August 4, 2009

U.S. South Shore - Point Breeze (Day 5)

The threat of thunder squalls in late afternoon kept us in Oak Orchard. We went down the river to Point Breeze and decided to rent a motor boat so we could explore the marsh. Glad we did it, otherwise I would have always wondered about what we might have missed up the river.

Parts of the shoreline reminded me of of the Grand River that snakes its way through Kitchener-Waterloo. Other parts brought up Rouge River. I guess it depended on the size of the cliff.

Turned off the motor and rowed for awhile, trying to sneak up on some of the wildlife. Lots of turtles dotting the shore - I counted around twenty on one little log. Also saw a blue heron, king fishers, red-winged black birds, swans, osprey and lots of swallows. And an otter sticking its snout just above the water.

Not many other boats for company, which suited us just fine.

Got back home and made a nice pasta for supper. After dinner the birds gave us a show, swarming after the bugs in the marsh. Like kids in a skate board park, it's amazing they didn't crash into each other.

A few motor boats went by, complaining about the lack of fish. Ten minutes later, a huge fish splashed in front of the boat and made me laugh.

We'll take another run at Rochester tomorrow.
photo above is Point Breeze breakwall at sunset

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