Monday, August 3, 2009

U.S. South Shore - Oak Orchard (Day 4)

The lake was a bit wavy last night, which made for a very comforting sleep.

When we got up in the morning to head out, there was a bit of water in the engine so we had to dry it out a bit before heading east. Must remember to close that valve when the engine is not in use! To help pass the time I started the novel Too Close to the Falls, which is set in Lewiston, New York, just west of here. So in a sense I get to travel both east and west.

We motored, sailed and motor-sailed for about 7 hours and docked around 5:30. Didn't realize how much sun I was getting, so I'm a bit burnt tonight, and can feel the heat. Lots of aloe is in order.

Oak Orchard Yacht Club is high on a hill, overlooking the boats and finger docks on the river below. Towering oaks everywhere. The club has this absolutely amazing screened-in-porch, like Wilson did... wonderfully shaded from the afternoon sun.

Hope to motor down the river a bit tomorrow before setting sail for Rochester; maybe check out the farmer's market Annika told me about....

Time for some star-gazing!

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