Sunday, August 9, 2009

North Shore - Waupoos (Day 9)

Blurred horizon, originally uploaded by Pete Southwood. Flickr

We left Sodus Point this morning so bright and early I didn't have a chance to do my morning yoga. For much of the day we were surrounded by sky, water and clouds. We spent close to 12 hours with the motor droning as we passed the border back into Canada, dropping anchor at Wapoos. The silence now is welcoming.

Sheep dotted the island shore as we approached, a very pretty pastoral scene. Very timeless.

Dropped anchor and shared the space with about 13 other sailboats, right across from Wapoos Marina. Although there are lots of other boats around it doesn't feel at all crowded, there is a generous amount of space between.

At night the boats floated cast reflections of their lights into the water and the moon peaked in and out of a cloudy night sky.

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