Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bluffers Park (Day 16)

Before we left Cobourg we visited the Buttermilk Cafe for breakfast (decadent - eggs benedict), and then stopped off at the Farmers Market and delicatessen to make sure we were well-stocked for the ten hour trip back to Bluffers.

Almost half of that time was spent sailing at 6 knots, often at a 20 degree heel - some of the best sailing of the trip!

When we got to Bluffers we dropped anchor at the beach and went for a refreshing swim. Truly, this is one of the nicest spots on the lake and it is just around the corner.

Then it was into BPYC to join the party that was in progress to celebrate the BPYC regatta... dancing to steel drums and the warm welcome of fellow Bluffers. The perfect finish to an amazing holiday.

Ten years ago I didn't picture myself in my own sailboat - now I can't imagine spending a summer without one!

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