Friday, July 3, 2009

Daily Practise

I'm trying to do my yoga and meditation once a day, even when I'm on vacation.

It's an interesting exercise.

Sometimes people try to strike up a conversation when you are in the middle of a vinyasa. It's a public space, so why not?

Anyway, this morning I was on the beach, totally getting into the waves and sand. I was tucked out of the wind in a somewhat secluded corner, with my mat on a wooden deck platform that had a slight tilt to it, making it wonderful for forward bends. I tried a few handstands from downward dog but couldn't manage to stay up for long.

Some naked guy walked by but I didn't take much notice. It was a clothing optional beach, after all. (I opted to keep my clothes on.) Otherwise it was pretty empty.

Being in a different place on a platform that was a bit off-kilter brought a different mindfulness to things, and I was totally getting into it. After about a half hour or so I took corpse pose.

Then Naked Dude came over and asked if I could put some sunscreen on his back.

"Um, I'm kinda in the middle of my meditation."

"Uh, okay then, maybe later?"

Then I sat on my pillow for about twenty minutes but couldn't get Naked Dude out of my head.

Talk about distractions!

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Nicki BH said...

Ha Ha Ha . I like this