Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shades of Blue

For the cheese course last night, eight of us sampled a ten-year-old tawny port with a taste of Stilton Colston Bass, St. Agur, and Danish Blue.
The verdict?

6 votes for St. Agur, 1 for Stilton, 1 for Danish Blue.

I thought the Stilton had an amazing after-taste, the Danish Blue had a nice bite, and the St. Agur a luscious texture.
What a feast! Each of four couples brought appetizers + a course, for a decadent 5 course, French-themed meal.
Appetizers included: sundried tomatoes wrapped with provolone cheese, olives stuffed with feta, crab pate with radishes, and an antipasto platter.
Delio's salad combined sun-dried tomatoes and radishes with red peppers and green lettuce for a colourful and refreshing segway to the main course.
Ana and Don prepared the ultimate comfort food: Beef Stroganoff, beets, and beans with carrots and baked garlic.
I did the cheese course, described above, and Liz cooked an amazing French tart that she paired with ice wine and chocolate.
Of course, best of all was the company and conversation.
Thanks to Ana and Don for hosting a great evening!

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