Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's not just about price

Okay, admit it, you are at the wine store and you want something that is just a little bit tastier than everyday fare, something you haven't tried before - so you decide to spend an extra three bucks on a label you don't know, thinking it will all work out in the end. 

That's what I did with this Cannonau di Sardegna 2005, using a few cues that I thought would bring rewards:  just a little bit pricier than every day + '2005' + 13.5% alcohol for that full bodied taste + Italy + 'uncork one hour before serving at room temperature.'  Well, those special instructions must mean it is just a bit more sophisticated than the stuff I drink right after opening. So what if there was no official DOC blessing?  I’ve had plenty of great Italian reds that didn’t bear that distinction.

Maybe this would have tasted better with food or laid down for a bit.  Or maybe it just needed to be poured from a great height...

All I can say is, close your eyes and pucker up! Lots and lots of tanins.

It’s not entirely horrible, I’m not going to stick it in the fridge to use it in a vinigrette or marinade. Overall quite okay, but not worth the few extra dollars.  Not to me, anyway.

Even though I lost this bet, I know I’m still a sucker for the extra price point. I have a feeling the marketers know it too.  But I’m starting to taste the difference of true quality, and won’t be taken in by a jacked-up price alone.  At least, not the second time.

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