Tuesday, July 7, 2020


July began with a sailing staycation on Yondering. Really, the first extended change of scene since months of lockdown at home. Such a sense of ease, of freedom, and open space!

On a windless morning we motored over to Toronto Island and dropped anchor at the water filtration plant for our first over nite. There were a lot of boats on the wall, but not as many as we expected to find. Spaces were opening up here and there every couple of hours, so those with patience could eventually land a spot.

The next morning, a dinghy ride along hidden shoreline to visit the island's resident blue heron, and then a walk on Centre Island's familiar paths. The Pier and gardens felt quite deserted. Although a few people had ventured over on the ferry, not many were afoot and the lifeguard was left alone to ponder the horizon from his high lookout.

A quick motor over to Ward island beach. Calm water and low wind meant we were able to stay overnight - a special treat. I managed my first swim of the season off the boat. Then, a beautiful return sail to Bluffers Park as the winds picked up.

Saturday and Sunday nights we anchored closer to home, right by the Bluffs. Between 4-8 pm on both days there was almost intolerable jet ski and powerboat traffic, tearing up the shore with noise and wake. Thankfully the stinkpots eventually relented. Swinging on a hook with Caroline on Ruby Tuesday and Aldo and Alex on Alcione. 

Moonrise was idyllic, the lake so calm. Sunrise a gift to start the day.

What joy! 

We didn't find out until May 20 that there would be a launch on June 20. Shakedown sail on June 27 and get away July 1 - July 6.

Rob has made some improvements that help make Yondering more comfortable. New cockpit cushions make for enjoyable lounging and travelling. Getting rid of the heater in the cabin creates more space because we can hoist up the table and get better access to shelves port side.

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Carrie Oreskovich said...

Oh my lucky duck! Boating would be such a treat right now..looks lovely!