Monday, January 23, 2017

New Job New Year

The first day back to work in the new year, I started a secondment working on interministerial business.

My new colleagues are supportive and friendly, and I’m using skills I enjoy (writing, connecting, planning, organizing, and strategizing). The work location is great, and my office is comfortable and bright. I hung a photo mobile from the ceiling with pictures of sailing, and it moves softly overhead, so when I feel stressed I can take a moment to pause and imagine myself on the water.

Transitions are always demanding, but this one especially so. The first three weeks included a quarterly executive and regional meeting with travel to Kingston; a regional election to coordinate; and a major conference to organize. All the while doing the administrative work of setting up generic mailboxes, transferring communications devices, getting trained in new software, etc. etc. etc.

I'd previously booked my three week vacation to Hawaii, so I was working doubly hard to finish up work and also make sure everything was in order for the trip. The day before the plane would leave to Hawaii, we'd be holding the big conference.

The theme was public sector renewal and leadership engagement. In addition to the in-person attendees, we worked with a team to webcast the event to another 90 locations and record it for digital archives. Since returning to the public service I’ve attended many inspiring events in the Ontario room, an impressive space reserved for larger groups of two hundred, and that's where our event would be held. On the way out we did a quick poll to take the pulse of attendees, and the responses confirmed people were leaving feeling inspired.  

The night before, it was a great feeling to look around the room and realize I'd played a major role in getting things ready. When the event was over, I definitely felt lighter walking out the door.

After the first whirlwind 3 weeks, I’m now off on a whirlwind three week vacation to that I booked months before.


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