Saturday, January 28, 2017

Big Island, Kona, Mahai’ula Bay

Getting to this white sand beach required a drive along an untended road across a lava field, and then a twenty minute walk over a rocky path. 

A series of abandoned, deserted buildings on the shore are what’s left behind of Kalahikiola, an isolated fishing community established here in the 1880s. We counted four big turtles poking their heads above water, looking for a place to come ashore.

Despite it being out of the way, there were about twenty people playing in the waves, and some of us snorkelling. Rob saw flounder and one of the turtles checked him out from a comfortable distance. When I went in, I saw colourful tropical fish I later identified as bullethead parrotfish and convict tang. A crab or two. And a day octopus - if it hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have spotted the creature at all, its colours blended so perfectly with the sandy bottom. Multiple legs gave it thrust for its curious ballet.

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