Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve was our main family celebration this year, with Alex and Penny joining Rob and me at the table set with our best china and crystal. I wrapped ornaments at the place settings, so Alex and Penny would have them as momentoes for their own tree. Then we opened our presents and listened to carols, with the cat jumping in and out of boxes and chasing the crumpled wrappings. Lots of laughter, and hugs.

This is the first year Alex hasn't been with us in the morning for a commotion of opening stockings. It's been a different kind of day, spent leisurely reading by the tree and hanging out with the cat as Rob makes scalloped potatoes for a traditional dinner at my brother Dave's.

Festivities continue the next night at Brenda's.

It really is a most wonderful time of the year. Good food with friends and family. Sparkly light and long nights.

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