Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seu George - Life Aquatic

I was stumped on what to get Rob for his birthday until I learned that Seu George would be performing David Bowie covers the very same night.

When we first saw him in the film The Life Aquatic, we were entranced and charmed by his acoustic guitar and tenor voice singing the lyrics in Portuguese.

During the concert Seu George talked about how Wes Anderson had telephoned him at home in Brazil and asked if he would like to participate in the film. Had he heard of David Bowie? Seu George had not. The first day of filming he recognized his fellow actors not by their names, but by characters they had played: there was the guy from Ghostbusters, the one from Jurassic Park.

The first song Wes asked him to play was Rebel, Rebel, which they would film in a half hour; it was one he hadn't yet learned to play. Redubbed later in the studio, it remains one of the film's highlights for me.  I also love his version of Changes and Oh You Pretty Things.

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