Tuesday, November 15, 2016

October and November garden

The witch hazel and maple blazed in the backyard. Today the leaves on the back Trompenburg maple are stripped bare, and the witch hazel's are curled and brown. In the front, the dragon's blood is still scarlet.

Unseasonably warm temperatures meant the nasturtiums lasted until November 12 this year. The toad lilies weren't as noticeable as in past years, but begonias made for an exotic touch. The peach dahlia lasted well into October but was gone by Halloween.

I found myself transplanting in November, switching up the hellebore and cedar. It is a more pleasing alignment for the eye but I'm not so sure the cedar itself will like it under the maple. We'll see, can always switch them back in the summer. Also moved a hosta in the front from under the hydrangea bush to the other side. The plant will definitely prefer it's new location, and I'll be able to see it better.

Notes for next year would be to plant more of the begonias in the back yard, they were hardy until well into November and in the summer the foliage was gorgeous.

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