Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Small miracles

Tonight I was stuck on the subway and stressing about whether I would be able to make it to my yoga class, I was running behind and the train had been stopped for 10 minutes, and I was stuck and running late and calculating the time it would take to make it to my house and then how long I would have to wait for the bus and then if I was going to be late should I even bother to go, and when would I get home, how much traffic would there be and then when I got to the studio would I get a parking spot, and I calculated if everything went well I could probably make it 10 minutes late, but I hate being late, especially when there is a quiet restorative class, which this was, but if I crept in quietly and timed it right maybe it wouldn't be so disruptive and I really really need to go to a restorative class and relax damn it!!!!!!! Well I got in the car and behind the wheel and said to myself don't rush don't drive so fast you get a speeding ticket and what then would you say to the officer anyway, hurry up writing that ticket! I am late for my yoga class!!!

Thankfully most of the lights were green, I quickly got a parking space in a perfect spot, ran up the stairs, and..... made it right on time! Not even a minute late. Enough time to grab a mat and settle in.

It was a fantastic class, with Neron teaching. At the start, before the invocation, he said to "Bring your mind to the inner corner of your eyes. Now bring your mind to the outer corner. Now slowly draw the line from the inner corner to your outer eye."

We did pranayama with bramari breathing. A new instruction here, too, which was to make the first cycle a high volume buzzing sound, then do normal breaths, then reduce volume to a  medium buzzing sound, and then a low, soft volume, and then as quiet as you could be. Very restful.

At the end, a reminder to give thanks to the energy that brings us life.

Yes, a much needed restorative class!


The photo of my toes in the air was taken on my holidays, when I was doing yoga on the dock, and delighting in the view and the air and the warmth of the sun.

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