Monday, August 1, 2016

More Exploring

Day 8, Saturday, I talked the skipper into taking our bikes to shore so we could get to the Waupoos Winery and watch the Elvis Impersonators in the afternoon. Weather watch said a bad storm was headed our way, so we called the marina. Only slips with no power were left, but we grabbed a slip, assembled the bikes, and went for a ride.

The fields around here are so picturesque. Golden oats waving in the wind, sunflowers nodding, apple orchards, sea views, vineyards. Lack of rain has parched the landscape and I was hoping for rainstorms for its sake.

It was an easy bike ride to the winery, and the Elvis show was entertaining. Three different performers, a live band, and fun music. Summer lunch was served: generous portions of brisket, fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni, cornbread. We were so stuffed it was hard to pedal back to the boats. A big dinner was  out of the question so we heated up leftovers while others headed out to the pub for dinner. We were invited onto Medina later for some Fifth Town Artisan goat cheeses (Improv and black truffle were delicious!). I brought some Rodney Strong Russian River Pinot Noir to complete the pairing.

Now it is Sunday morning, sitting on the Waupoos dock in a very cool breeze. Despite foul weather warnings and Sun Dogs, the storms that threatened us back to shore yesterday have passed by, leaving a sudden change in weather. The earth is still parched from lack of rain. More thunder storms are promised in the afternoon, so we are sticking to the docks.

Lisa S reached out to us with an invitation to get together, so we headed out for another road trip exploring Prince Edward County. This time to Lake on the Mountain. Sailing past here so often, I hadn’t even known about the Provincial Park at the top of the hill, or about a  lake high above the Bay.

Devils Wishbone Winery here, and we sampled their vintages. Laura and I walked out the door with a bottle of Riesling and Incarnate Red, Lyn B and Kaarina were fans of the Wicked White. Then on to Millers, a great dining spot with spectacular view of the lake below. Before we headed back to the boats we stopped in at Picton for a few more supplies.

Bloody Caesars on the dock before dinner, where we could hear the band playing to entertain the Kingston Yacht Club cruise. Laura and Peter’s boat was later stuffed with eight Bluffers (Kaarina, Mike P, Lyn, Mike B, Rob and I). Enough people to weigh down their cockpit and empty the stuffing box of water that had gathered there. Enough to cause a small pool of water inside, and hopefully nothing serious.

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