Friday, July 1, 2016

Enjoying the view

The inside of Yondering's cabin was upside down. For all of May and June, the engine was waiting final touches from the mechanic. Beyond frustrating! The mechanic was great at coming up with excuses, and I'm surprised one of them wasn't that "the dog ate my homework."

So all of May and June we didn't get out for a sail. When I made it down to the club I made it a point to enjoy the view.

Friends invited us for a sailing get-away one weekend, but we had Bluejays tickets. Caroline also invited me for a sail but I wanted to see Luminato.

We had a few meals on the clubhouse deck and admired the new trumpeter cygnets. There were also a few events:  book club, martini's and oysters. When Mike and Lynn B invited me for a drink on their boat in the middle of June, I realized it was only the third time I'd even sat on a boat so far in the season.

The mechanic finally showed on the boat June 23, and completed the work he'd promised, but it didn't fix the original problem of not being able to go into reverse. At that point, I started imagining what else we could do in August for our vacation. He said he'd be back the following week to fix the problem, but I had my doubts he'd even show up.

On June 28th, the engine was finally fixed! On June 29th, Yondering was back in her rightful slip on M dock.

We still have some tweaks before we can go out for a sail and put everything to the test. I'm hopeful we will be able to sail this weekend.

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NBH said...

Wow, so frustrating. Hopefully this weekend will be the turning point!