Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sail Past 2016

BPYC Sail Past 2016 

This year was the first Sail Past since I've joined the club that I haven't attended, as there was a conflict with the Book Club AGM. 

Rob was Master of Ceremonies again this year, however, Yondering was not able to participate in the festivities either.

Yondering's cabin early June
The mechanic has been slow delivering on his promise to have the engine back in the boat and running. Extremely frustrating! The latest word is by mid-June, which will be 7 weeks into the sailing season.

I much prefer the view of the boats on water this year than I do of Yondering's cabin at present.

A friend got in touch with me because he was looking for some haiku for a magazine he is publishing. I put something together in the haiku style and for awhile was sailing in memory. So, thanks to Ross for asking!


white sails puffing clouds
city jewels glint above
boats foam blue water

billowed sails pillow
blue skies embrace water's edge
clouding skies unfold

brightest white and blue
mirroring above below
both sky and water

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