Monday, April 18, 2016

Feelin' groovy

Steve told me I should practise with a metronome. So did Manitoba Hal at the workshop he gave at Long and McQuade. Also Brett McQueen with his ukulele strumming tricks.

Timing is everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but if you don't have the beat and pulse you aren't in the groove.

Something Manitoba Hal suggested was just listening to a song, trying to feel the groove, and playing along while muting the strings. Scarboro Jam calls this the 'New York Strum.'

Feelin'' Groovy
Hang On Groovy
Groovy Kind of Love

There are lots of online metronome apps, but I like my old school ticker for its visual cues. Tick talks, and when it slows down I can rewind. No batteries required.

Nearly every music student has been told by their teacher to “Practice with a metronome.”  Metronome practice is arguably the most effective way to improve one’s skills and knowing how to incorporate your metronome into your practice effectively will help you improve your rhythmic and technical skills in the fastest and most efficient way possible... Slow practice is the key to fast playing. Metronome Online 

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