Sunday, March 27, 2016

Robin on Spring Break

My niece, Robin, came to visit us in Toronto for a weekend during March break, partly to get a preview of Humber Lakeshore where she'll be going to school in the fall.

Saturday we drove out to the campus, situated picturesquely on the lake. Entirely different from the concrete jungle in Etobicoke where I spent a year studying film. The day trip also offered a leisurely tour on the long way home, with views of High Park, Little Italy, the Bridle Path, and Toronto Botanical Gardens.

We had breakfast at St. Lawrence Market, and a late vegan lunch of Punjab street food in Kensington Market.

Spending time with her, every once in awhile I would see my brother Pat's grin or  glimpse his sense of humour. One generation in the next.

Robin is from Kitchener and doesn't get to Toronto often, so she hadn't seen these spots before. Sharing them with her reminded me of just how much I love this city! Such a great mix of urban and natural spaces, and such diversity.

There were a few BPYC events on the itinerary, too. We brought her along to Open Mic on the Friday night, a St. Patrick's theme that saw the yet-to-be-named-BPYC-ukulele-band play the Unicorn Song, and a short burst of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Sunday it was a Painting afternoon, trying our talents at watercolours.  She enjoyed herself, but there weren't people her own age around.

Before she left, we stopped by Alex' and Penny's place. Judging from the Facebook photos she posted, the visit to the apartment was a definite highlight. She is just nine years younger than Alex, with college on the horizon, moving away from home, and starting a great adventure.  Seeing her cousin's place and how he had made a home for himself must have been encouraging.

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