Monday, February 15, 2016

New York, New York

Our jazz safari to New York City is just three weeks away!

We've been listening to jazz and exploring The Essential Jazz Recordings. Reading a little, listening a little, and enjoying it a lot.

I've always loved jazz and played it often, but usually in the background. These last few weeks have been a great motivation to listen more consciously and marvel.

About how Django Reinhardt developed his hot gypsy style because his fourth and fifth fingers were paralyzed in a fire, and how few with all their fingers can match his virtuosity.  About Billy Holiday's  early recordings, her voice beautiful and uncomplicated, and then hearing her last album, the timbre rich and deep and layered with suffering.

Being introduced to artists like saxaphonist Wayne Shorter, and then having the playlist shuffle into The Song Goes On with lyrics inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke, and the recent album Imagine Project, by Herbie Hancock. Favourites like Pat Metheny, Diana Krall, Brubeck.

Discovering and rediscovering and hearing things with fresh ears.

We haven't received our itinerary so don't know the different clubs we'll be visiting yet, but have since found out that a couple from BPYC, Ross and Ann, have been on a few of these safaris and have enjoyed every one. Ross said that he was amazed at how small and ordinary some of the more famous NYC clubs are, where the giants got their start. He's cautioned us that people there take the music seriously, and come to listen, with chatting during dinner being a serious offense.

We've decided to extend our stay a few days to see some other sites, but music will have brought us to explore.

 illusttration: NYC Jazz by Felix Concepcion

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