Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

This is our first Christmas morning without Alex, but I saw him last night, tonight, tomorrow night. So I am happy to be spending much of the holidays with him.

Rob and I exchanged gifts with some spiced eggnog this morning, with carols on the radio and the cat curled up beside us.

I was a bit nervous about my gift to Rob because we usually make such decisions jointly, but he is excited about going on the Jazz Safari to New York City in March. Whew.

No Safari tickets just yet, so I wrapped up two books: Essential Jazz Recordings - 101 CDs and Lonely Planet, Make My Day NYC. Both should give us hours of pleasure as we wait for the trip.

Rob gave me books as well:  The Big New Yorker Book of Cats, Ian Brown's Diary of My Sixty-First Year, colouring books (The Time Chamber and Secret Garden), and Gin, the Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival in 300 Distillations. Hours and hours of pleasure!

When I developed my sensitivity to wine last year, I looked for substitutes. Sake was one, but gin proved to be more engrossing. I didn't blog much about it, but it became a strong interest in 2015 as I sampled from different distilleries. Ungave, the Botanist, Sipsmith, Tanqueray, Haymans, Citadell, Hendricks, Victoria, Beefeater, Dillon's (loved the rose, hated the unfiltered).  This year, I opted to delay celebrating the Winter Solstice with a tasting with plans to host a Gin tasting for the Summer Solstice.  Maybe I will even distill my own small batch, as the book by Aron Knoll comes with instructions!

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