Saturday, November 14, 2015

Concert for George

Blissing out on some George Harrison tunes. It all started with doing a search for My Sweet Lord, detouring to Google images for handwriting samples and then over to You Tube for songs. After a few hours reviewing footage I can say George Harrison was the cutest Beatle. Definitely.

The complete Concert for George, held 2002 at Royal Albert Hall is posted. The first half features Indian music composed by Ravi Shankar as an offering to honour George, and it is beautiful. (George called Ravi Shankar the only person who impressed him--and the only person who'd never tried to impress him.)  Earlier in the week I was at Amita's place to celebrate Diwali, and Ravi Shankar chants were playing, produced by George Harrison.  Today it is still Diwali, and I'm watching Shankar's offering. Nice.

The second half of the concert features the Western music George composed. Famous players are brought to the stage with great music, memories and testimony. The concert was one year to the day of Harrison's death, and the performers had three weeks together to rehearse and work through their grief. The tribute is so joyful. 

Some of my favourite moments from the tribute concert:
My Sweet Lord (Billy Preston sings and also collaborated and played piano on the original recording with George)
Photograph (Ringo Starr sings the song he co-wrote with Harrison, "All I have is a photograph, and I realize you're not coming back, anymore") 
Something in the Way She Moves (McCartney opens the song on the ukulele and Eric Clapton later sings and plays the song rumoured to be about their mutual muse Patti Boyd)

And some other videos.....
Here Comes the Sun George playing acoustic

Hadn't heard I Me Mine before, I quite like it.

Maybe I could play some on the ukulele....

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