Sunday, November 29, 2015


A Polynesian foodie night, at High in the Sky, inspired in part by Dick and Maureen's cruise.

Hadn't seen Caroline since August in Waupoos, and Jim even longer than that - was it really last spring?

Maureen and Caroline greeted Rob and I playing their ukuleles, and soon afterward I was handed a Pina Colada that banished any thoughts of a dark November evening.

Hours before I had been in the grocery store asking a question I would not have imagined I would be asking a couple of weeks earlier:  "Where's the Spam?" But after I'd googled Hawaain side dishes, Spam turned up a lot in the list of ingredients, so I thought I'd try it. Other firsts were using toasted ramen noodles in a salad  (a great crunch), and making a popular but simple luau dessert with coconut milk.

Maureen and Caroline were also trying out new recipes with Polynesian flavours. I could almost hear the ocean waves.

Culinary adventures!

  • Appetizers: Oysters & Chevrette à la vanille et coco (Tahitian Shrimp in Coconut-Vanilla Sauce) & Hawai'an Red Runa Poke (pronouned pokey)
  • Main: Polynesian Chicken, Spam Zucchini Patties and Crunchy Polynesian Salad
  • Dessert:  Haupia with grated lime, coco, and roasted coconut flakes

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