Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Garden

I love fall colours and flowers, the visuals change so dramatically day to day. 

Now it's the end of October, and the toad lily is shriveled along with the asters, black-eyed susan and dahlias. Henry clematis has a few blooms, and there is a beautiful pink rose in the front garden.

It feels great to get my hands dirty. I was working in the garden most of the morning. A full bag of mint roots for the city compost with a thick cover of mulch may eradicate the herb. But then again, it may not. I dug up as many roots as I could, then covered the soil with cardboard and 2 inches of mulch. But I couldn't resist leaving a small corner of mint for salads and cocktails, and that will likely be my undoing.

Expanding the front garden a bit as well, it was so awkward mowing around a very tight corner and a small patch of grass. There is still a fair bit of lawn in the front, but more and more garden every year.

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