Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Toronto Urban Strolls

Many of the strolls featured in this book are familiar territory, but I've already been able to uncover some new nooks and corners.

Scarborough Bluffs, for instance, talks about the bluffs, marina, gardens, and beach... and says you can do a 7.5 km 'stroll' in 2 hours. I get a bit distracted though and like to pause to enjoy the sites. The beach itself is a full day for me.

With the cooler weather, I'm looking forward to these walks. The City Hall Green Roof Stroll meanders through the waterfall garden at the Sheraton Centre and the Podium Roof at City Hall. I spend a lot of time in this neighbourhood but never really knew either of these green spaces existed.

Cabbagetown, Kensington, the Distillery, Riverdale... Gotta get out my comfy walking shoes!

Waterfall Garden

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