Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Garden

My staycation was a bit of a break to do some gardening. Mainly transplanting things here and there, and tending to much needed weeding. Most transplants really like their new homes, but others have already become compost. Survivors are the hostas and tovara, but sadly the anemone didn't quite make it. The painted ferns will bounce back, I'm sure of it.

Our three goldfish made it to four years old, spending winters in our basement. It was a pleasure to watch them glint in the sun and so it was sad indeed when the racoons (or was it opossum) scooped the fish out for fresh sushi. One morning we woke to see the fountain spout yanked out of the pond and the fish nowhere to be seen. Just a few scales remained on the stone bench. At least this time the were fully eaten - last time just the eyeballs had been sucked out and the carcasses left to rot in the sun.  

Blooming now:  Henry clematis, brunera, purple coneflower, bee balm, black-eyed Susan, Dahlia, bunchberry, nasturtium, day lily.

The mondivilla is very striking now, with flowers like red velvet. I haven't seen any pollinators attracted to the huge blossoms, maybe my timing is off. How else would there be so many continuous blooms?

Tested out the homemade Weed Be Gone solution and it worked quite well on the weeds that were growing between the paving stones.
Weed Be Gone
1 gallon of vinegar
2 cups Epson salt
1/4 cup Dawn dish soap

Mix and spray in the morning after dew has evaporated. Walk away. Go back after dinner and all the weeds are gone!

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