Monday, June 8, 2015

Sailpast 2015

We were celebrating the 35th  anniversary of Bluffers Park Yacht Club.  Rob and I were in attendance at the party for the 25th, with all its fireworks and fanfare. Rob wasn’t able to attend this year because the opportunity of a fishing expedition on the Bad River was called the same weekend, so I had to make do without Yondering’s skipper.
A bright, sunny day with light wind brought perfect conditions for the ceremony. I enjoy seeing everyone dressed in blue and white as a nautical nod to tradition. The day was a bit cooler than expected, but jackets kept us comfortable by the water. The order of events are now part of the BPYC ritual: the piper piped; the Board was introduced; we honoured our missing in a memorial address; the flags were raised; awards, awarded; and the start of the season toasted with a strawberry mimosa.

Dick called on several of the founding members that had built the club to raise the flags. Very appropriate, I thought, for the anniversary.
Caroline kindly extended an offer to me to crew Awful Beloved, which  had just had new main and jib sails rigged. This was AWs season shake down, and the skipper was up on deck tweaking the halyard for a bit, while I made myself useful as the helm. We sailed past the Commodore and gave the traditional luff as she inspected her fleet.
Upon return to the dock, I left Caroline to get ready for the evening party and take up my station at the cocktail bar. Kaarina’s chosen concoctions for this event were Salty Dogs and Caesars. I ended up pouring gin and rimming glasses with Malden sea salt flakes and lime zest. Very tasty!  Although I was busy with the pour, I did manage a few breaks to the oyster bar, to slurp some freshly shucked.
I consider it a small miracle that the club managed a sit down meal for close to 200 people. The largest number of attendees on record! Despite the volume, all the plates made it to the tables with the cold food cold and the hot food hot. A truly delicious meal, which I enjoyed in the company of Caroline, Kaarina and Mike; Aldo and Alex. We skipped the dessert course for drinks on Alex’ and Aldo’s boat, tunes cranked high and sometimes singing along.
Then it was back to the clubhouse to dance for a few hours before a solid sleep on the boat. My first overnight of the season.
Salty dog:
1.5 oz gin
.75 oz aperol
2 oz grapefruit juice
Splash of tonic water
Rim with
sea salt flakes (Malden) sprinkled with grated lime zest

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