Monday, May 11, 2015

Zubin - 2015

The Yoga Centre hosted Zubin May 1- 3 for an intensive. I booked early and looked forward to attending because the last time he visited in October 2012, it was quite illuminating. Marlene says watching Zubin teach reminds her of Guru-ji, which makes sense since Zubin studied many years, starting at an early age, directly with Iyengar.

The weekend was more of a tasting menu, an introduction to concepts and techniques that we could incorporate into our practises. 

The class was packed. I think over 70 people filled a room that feels tight when 30 bodies are present. Despite cramped quarters I could usually get a good view of the demos and hear what was going on.

By the end of the three days I was exhausted - partaking in the Commodore's Ball Saturday night was fun but it may have made Sunday's session even more challenging.

Zubin is amazing to watch. As he does the poses he seemingly brings attention to every fibre, inspiring us to be aware of our own skin, muscles, bones, front, side and back body. He encouraged us to explore what happens in different asana with different hand and foot positions, to feel and experience within our own body rather than copying someone else's pose.

Try to bring everything into the pose: the awareness of how previous poses are helping to shape the present; the way the skin wraps the muscle and muscle wraps the bone and the bones align; how effort balances with rest; which direction the energy is moving; the way the shape of the asana is affecting the shape of the breath.

It's very humbling, indeed, to watch a master undertake the poses with such grace and power. I admit to taking some solace when I saw many experienced teachers grappling, as I was, with the instructions. A lifetime's work.

some technical notes....
  • In tadasana, isolate the back of the pelvis and spread it outward
  • In adho mukha savasana, remember to wrap the upper arms and shoulders outward while the forearms move inward
  • Supta Padangusthasana is contained within 60% of poses - don't underestimate it's importance
  • Virasana rejuvenates the legs after long walks or long periods of inactivity
  • The foot postion in Virabhadrasana 3 should be the same as prone savasana
  • Remember the head is part of the spine and keep them on the same plane, even in backbends
  • In some poses, the buttocks are an extension of the legs, in others they act as part of the torso
  • Stop wavering in headstand! Align the legs with the torso
  • In shoulder stand,  work to broaden the diaphram
  • In setu bandha sarvangasana the chest should expand and the energy move like a waterfall

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