Monday, April 27, 2015

Peek a boo

The bloodwort is unfurling and the tree peony is budding. Tulips and daffodils are joining the crocus and snowdrops.

I did a bit of maintenance - pruning away the seedpods of the peony and the old growth on the hellebore; identifying branches to prune later in the season on the Japanese maple. 

The city came and pruned the tree in the front yard, limbed it right up. Not quite sure about the new haircut. It looks very odd to me, both from within and outside the house. The wall of green is gone, and it feels like a lot of our privacy has been trimmed away too. Now when we are seated at the dining room table we can see the neighbours across the street, whereas before there was just a view of evergreen. We'll have to mind our manners!

The garden on that side has been a bit neglected. It didn't get much exposure to the sun and was hidden by the fir. But now that it is more open, I have a bit of planning ahead... and mint to eradicate.

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