Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cèilidh Ukulele

Seven ukulele players took to the stage at Friday's Open Mic St. Patrick's Day party. Cheryl, Laura, Barb, Laura, Rob, Don... and me, strummin' my red uke in my green Hawaiian shirt.

BPYC was packed. Probably 30 different people got up to perform that night. Our group was up just after the washboard band and before the Irish sing-along. When we played the third song, Sail Away, most of the musicians came up 'on stage' with us, and there were almost as many people playing as there were in the audience.

I've never played an instrument in front of a crowd before, and it was exhilarating, although I admit I kept my eyes on the music and stood far from the mic. We didn't sound half-bad, thanks to some of the more experienced players and audience participation on the vocals.

Making music with a group vs. listening or leaving it up to other people to entertain has a whole different feel. That night seemed the perfect time, place and community for enjoying the experience. We may also have inspired some people there to go out and pick up ukuleles of their own. Perfect instruments for the boat... small and portable. It could be a very musical summer on the lake!

Knowing we were committed to play that night kept me motivated to practice a little bit every day, and I'd like to keep up the habit. I read somewhere that 15 minutes daily is probably better than two hours once a week. I think I can commit to 15 minutes.

Maybe I can add this one to my repertoire:

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NBH said...

Hurray...good for you.
Sounds like fun
See you soon