Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boat Show

For a couple of years now we've been stalled on whether to get a new boat or fix up the one we have. We need: to be able to raise the sails from the cockpit without going on deck; clutch that operates a bit more smoothly.

Hopped on and off a few new yachts. There is no shortage to choose from if money were no object. But the Tes 28 from Poland was a beautiful sailboat. Lots of light, great use of space, wood interior, value-priced.

We are more likely to get a "new to us boat" than a brand new one, but it is always nice to dream. If we do buy new, I'd like less of a draft, to increase the number of places we could visit on the lake.

Also took in a few presentations and really enjoyed Distant Shores look at sailing into Paris and then on through the canals in the French countryside.  What a trip that would be! Paul and Sheryl Shard sail the world and produce a television series of their adventures. Among their journeys: North America, Bahamas, Carribean, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Africa and Atlantic. Very inspiring.

The other presentation we took in was on our own Trent Severn canal system, more suited to power boaters. Although sail boats with shallow draft can make the trip, they need to de-mast for many of the bridges.  Founded in 1833, the waterway now extends to 44 locks and 39 bridges over 386 kilometers. The Big Chute Marine Railway actually carries boats across land in a cradle, and apparently some canoes and kayaks have gone along for the ride.

This year I came home with some Bees Wax Wood Preserver and Touch of Oranges wood cleaner. They both smell amazing and have already done a great job on the wood in my house - the pair should buff up Yondering very nicely!

Looking forward to getting Yondering back in the water and ship-shape. 104 'sleeps' before she is floating in her slip.

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