Friday, November 14, 2014

November garden

Nov 2nd
Nov 11
Mid-November, and it has snowed a few times but still melts quickly. The pots are readied for the winter; the cyclamen bulbs in the ground. Some plants are moving indoors, like the purple oxalys and begonia bulbs.

.... and there is a white rose and late nasturtium hanging on... snake root and toad lily blooms nodding in the sun.  The backyard is golden today.

In the front garden, the dragon's blood maple looks lit from within, while it could still be summer as far as the junipers and green grasses are concerned.

I am putting some souvenirs from our London trip out by the pond... some interesting pieces from our mudlarking by the Thames. Odd little nobs and indents worn by centuries of grinding with the tides; a bit of broken glass with a thickness that looks like it could be late nineteenth century; and a piece of old brick or a pottery shard. Hopefully these will enjoy our Canadian winter.

London mudlarking treasures

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