Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cool summer

witch hazel
It's been much cooler than I would expect for mid-July, apart from a few scorchers. According to weatherspark,  the warm season lasts from May 27 to September 12 with an average daily high temperature above 71°F. The hottest day of the year is July 26, with an average high of 81°F and low of 67°F. The Accuweather forecast for the next ten days shows only three above 71 degrees, the warmest being next Wednesday at 76. I'm not complaining! I like these cool summer days, and no need to turn on the air conditioning. The plants seem to like the weather, too. Everything green and lush.

Hostas by the pond
Looking back over the photos I post for 'my garden', there are lots of blooms. Partly because I like to record what is blooming when, and then compare from year to year. When plants come into flower it also reminds me to enjoy life's moments. Blooms and pleasures are often fleeting.

But I love the varieties and textures foliage offers, too. The witch hazel's new growth comes in red leaf; the contrasting colours of Japanese and painted ferns; the hostas' varieties of size and colour. These greens and textures last longer than the blooms, but seasons change and the foliage withers and fades to be born again in Spring.

I was happy to share some plants with Dave and Therese this past Sunday. They've recently landscaped their backyard and it gave me real pleasure to offer up some of my bounty: ferns, hellebore, toad lilly, wild ginger, violet, variegated solomon's seal, astilbe, lily, liverwort, bloodroot... Propogating 'my' plants. There was more on offer but not enough pots or room in their car. Hope everything takes root. Can't wait to see them in their new habitat!

Painted fern

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