Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

I thought I'd had a 5-day vacation at Christmas, but actually not. I can't believe it, but it has been almost a year since I've had 5 consecutive days off work. Reorganizations, changing jobs, and new positions have meant putting off holidays. I can't believe how much I need a break! A sailing vacation is the perfect remedy.

Day 1: The city receding into the distance and finally surrounded by the sweet water sea, no land on the horizon. A great sail, flat water and high speeds. Traveling with Caroline who is single-handedly sailing her Awful Beloved, we leave Bluffer’s Park at 11:00 a.m. and dock on the South Shore at Wilson Yacht Club by 5:00 p.m. Established in 1938 the place has a real cottage vibe to it, a creaky old porch and lots of shade. I'm looking forward to hanging out here.

Day 2: Took the dinghies out for a ride into the marsh, tall grasses swaying. White water lilies float like lotus in a Monet still life. Then a walk into town. We stopped at a little shop that sold handmade pillows with water colours of the full moon. How could I resist? By late afternoon, two more boats from Bluffers had joined us: Kaarina and Mike + Lyn and Mike. We shared a summer feast down by the barbecues of ribs & fresh salads.

Day 3: Sweltering hot and nary a breeze. We dinghied to Sunset Beach for an afternoon picnic and the first lake-swim of the season.  Then to Sunset Grill for some blues and dinner in an air-conditioned restaurant (berry-glazed duck and roasted baby bok choy, so delicious). Running outside to view a beautiful red sky with the promise of an evening storm. Coming home, I stepped off the dock and ended up suddenly and surprisingly plunged into water. It took a few seconds for me to realize where I was, and that I better do something about my sudden change in circumstances. Thankfully it wasn’t too far to the swim ladder, and thankfully the ladder was down and it was an easy climb to safety.

Day 4: Sailed from Wilson to New York back to Canada, in time for Canada Day. Another great sailing day, with no engine required. I tried to read but kept nodding off to sleep. The sound of the sloshing waves so restful. After six hours on the water our four boats dropped anchor in “Little Baha.”  Plunging into the lake was so refreshing, followed by an Indian dinner on Caroline’s boat. Just as the sun was setting, a sailor on one of the other boats called out to us that bad weather was coming... 40 km winds and a wicked storm. A quick skippers' meeting and out little flotilla was quickly headed back to BPYC. Unfortunately, Yondering had engine trouble on the way, full smoke billowing. Quite dramatic, with the thunder of fireworks in the background. Having fellow sailors close at hand made all the difference, and we docked safely a little after midnight.

Day 5: Strolling in Bluffer's Park on Canada Day and I am amazed by all the diversity of race and culture. A Sikh family sitting on a woven rug with their kebabs, seated next to a Korean family roasting corn. An Indian family stirring curry. A young Native American girl wearing her "I am Canadian" t shirt. What an amazing assortment of individuals and symphony of languages. Toronto is not free from racial strife but walking through this park on Canada Day all seems to be in harmony. It is great to be home, and rested.

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Carô said...

Nice memories! After a landlubber's weekend, I am ready for some lake time! Caroline