Monday, May 19, 2014


... three clematis to re-green the fence. Two Henry, and one Ice-Blue. Hopefully they will scramble up the fence and prosper. I even fertilized after transplanting, something I haven't tried before, but I want to do everything I can to help them thrive. Henry didn't fare too well in 2012 and I didn't see him at all last year. Then in May, the Boston ivy suddenly turned brown, after seeming to survive the winter. Hopefully this will reverse the trend.

Livened up the deck with some lavender and caladium.

The Solomon's Seal actually pierced a leaf when they came up through the mud this year. And I've noticed for the first time how the weeping maples fill their leaves from the bottom up, helping the lower boughs get more exposure to the sun's rays and then working upward. Amazing!

Red Dragon Maple
Blooming now
- bleeding heart
- primrose
- trillium!
- violet
- bergenia
- foamflower
- hellebore
- pulminaria
- tulips
- daffodil
- dandilion
Lavendula stoechas - Anouk (Spanish Lavendar, new to North America)

after the rain, sunlight on the garden slate

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