Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trust Your Eyes

Laura's pick this month, 'Trust Your Eyes'. The first book I've thoroughly enjoyed in months. Not a labour to read, not 'L'iterature,'  no 'Message' clobbering me over the head. Just a good old-fashioned page-turner of a mystery with some great twists. Humour, well-drawn characters, even a bit of a love story. Bonus -  homegrown, from a former Toronto Star columnist.

Stephen King's endorsement on the cover page must have been worth a few thousand well-deserved sales, "Riveting... great entertainment from a suspense master." Unanimously enjoyed by everyone that turned out for the evening's discussion.

I picked this up just a few days before the meeting, surprised there were so many Linwood Barclay titles on the shelf.  Looking forward to dipping into more.

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