Monday, March 31, 2014


I see it! Wow! It is actually happening!! The snow is melting fast, quickened by rain, and those tougher-than-nails sprouts are forcing their way up through almost frozen ground. Every year a miracle.

Daphne, who stayed green most of the winter is turning brown. She did this last year around this time and the year before, and I can't help but worry a bit that the winter may have been a bit too tough for her. I've also curled green ribbons into the red maple, identifying branches to prune in later spring. Birds are checking out the cedar for their nests. Squirrels are busy digging up my bulbs.

The cat is beside herself to get outside in the mornings. We're all yearning.

Tomorrow is my first day of a 30 day yoga sadhana, and I am looking forward to the next month. Spring, more light, longer days, a new job, the boat going in the water in a month. Amazing!


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