Wednesday, January 1, 2014

'Tis the season

Feasting with the foodies on New Year's Eve, another memorable meal.
Caroline hosted and we time traveled to Paris in 1921 for a bit of mystery at the Tir dans le noir Cafe, to piece together the scene of the crime - the stolen Le Chat Noir. Costumes helped put us in the mood, and so did Dick's martinis.

Great company and an amazing meal, spread nicely over 5 hours, with champagne and dancing at midnight!

Pizza and Martinis
Oysters on the shell and sparkling wine from Chateau de Montgueret
Hearth-cooked lamb shanks, polenta with snowpeas and turnips and Gigondas Grand Reserve
Cherry clafoutis and Courvoisier

When I heard lamb was on the menu I went hunting for a French syrah and stumbled across a blend of Grenache and Syrah from Rhone, Pierre Amadieu Le Pas De L'Aigle.

The lamb was cooked perfectly, falling right off the shank, and the polenta recipe came from Joy of Cooking. I don't have a fireplace to cook lamb in, but the polenta is definitely something I'll try to cook at home.

The sparkling was from Loire, and very tasty. I'll remember the label and pick it up again.

We spent the night and woke in the morning, passing some time sitting by the warm fire and popping out into the kitchen to look at the visiting birds. A pileated woodpecker! Jays, and junkoes. A great way to start the first day of the New Year!


Dick Grannan said...

I must admit - it was a fine way to bring in the New Year. Sounds like I should have had one of Dick's martinis also.

Carô said...

Le pas de l'aigle! I came across a bottle at the LCBO and picked it up for a gift. I remembered you introducing it at a foodies event. Do you think I could remember which one! I'm so glad you blog! And I'm also glad that one can key word search your blog! Caroline