Sunday, January 26, 2014

Living Room Makeover - In progress

The walls are painted. The couch has arrived. The carpet is out for cleaning.

Still to do: hang the drapes, and try to figure out what we want on the walls. Art? Some of our travel photos? The mirror?

Poor Griskit. Cats don't like their world turned upside down and that's what's been happening these last few weeks, first with books all over the floor and then a strange person putting sheets over the furniture and spreading a strange smelling substance all over the walls.

When the new couch came, she started using it as a scratching post immediately.

So we went out and got one of those cat trees to better suit the purpose. She was happy to use it on Saturday but is showing very limited interest in it today. The Forbidden Couch holds much more of her attention.

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Carô said...

I love, love, love the sofa! I had to laugh at Griskit's immediate urge :-) BUT do understand your worry. Love the cat tree and hope she loves it too (more than the sofa). Walls look smart and fresh.