Sunday, January 19, 2014

Boat Show

Finally got around to writing the test and got my boaters' license, so I will be legit on the lake next summer.

We also bought a new dinghy. As much as Rob tried to patch the previous and fix the rotting floor boards, it continued to be a soggy, sinking mess.

Toured around and checked out some of the brand new sailboats, far fewer models on display this year. Some of them seemed a bit cheap. Not in sticker price, but overuse of plastic and hardly any wood. Maybe we should just refurbish Yondering, get some new upholstery, tune up the engine, tweak the rigging and buy a new sail.

The tugboats were also appealing, a floating cottage but a bit pricey on gas to go long distances. Maybe in the future, if and when mobility becomes an issue.

Wandered through the floor and picked up info about sailing in Greece with a flotilla. Island hopping with someone who knows the waters looks like it would be fun.

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