Monday, December 9, 2013

Living Room Makeover

Since we've enlarged the walk-out to the backyard, we've been spending more time in the living room. As much as I appreciate the antique couch, it has a limited seating depth which makes it more of a perch than a comfortable seat for most people. After a bit of a search, we settled on a sofa that was a bit bigger, but still kept the curves I love.

The fabric will be a mossy green.

While we wait for delivery, we're trying to decide what colour to paint the living/dining room. The bright green has been on the walls for more than 15 years. Time for a refresh!

Since we only repaint every couple of decades, we're taking our time picking out something new, and actually took home a couple of small jars of paint and did a few large test strips so we could check things out under different light conditions. What seemed a negligible difference on the paint chip in the store became much more pronounced when we were able to judge with a larger panel.

It's hard not to be influenced by the marketing names, like Florentine Plaster or Manchester Tan, which sound so appealing.  Shaker Beige sounded boring and dreadful, but looked very classic. So far, Harmony is the colour of choice, with nice warm undertones that beautifully complement the rug. The final test will be matching it with the new upholstery fabrics.

Harmony on the right

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Dick Grannan said...

Happy to see you finally found the sofa you like.