Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just Breathe

Day 20 into this 30-day sadhana.

Frustrated with my progress in some of the poses, struggling with struggle, wondering at times whether indifference or acceptance is the better approach.

Observing the more frustrated I become with a pose the more elusive it becomes. Realizing that sometimes when I am content with a pose, I've somehow stopped doing it. Seeking the repose in a pose.

Noticing ... that just hearing the name of some of the poses causes a reaction before even taking their form... that I am entering the poses I like with a relaxed and welcoming state vs. the poses I don't with a hardening or resistance.

Wondering... although the names of the asana are a great shorthand, could a class be taught without labeling the poses, what that might bring about? Could it be done? Would the experience be more in the moment? At what point would I realize I was in or entering into a pose and then name it? How do I get out of my head?

Just Breathe.

breathe illustration

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