Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Huntress Moon - October

October - the Hunter's Moon, is officially full October 18, 7:38 pm...

A good hunting time, with fewer leaves on the trees and a bright moon in the sky. Time to prepare the larder for the coming long winter.

Famous hunters include Diana, Goddess of the Moon and Goddess of the Hunt.

When I was a kid I imagined her, fierce and mysterious. Self-reliant.  Splitting her time between living on earth and somewhere on the moon. More mystical than mythical, and more real to me than the Man on the Moon, or a moon made of cheese.

When I delved into the mythology to learn she trained an army of women, and had a strange power over animals, how could I not be impressed?

She made me think my name less ordinary and turned my gaze up into the night sky.

Native tribes also called October moons Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon.

Art Deco Statue

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