Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last weekend of the summer

Next weekend will be September 21, and the official start of autumn. How did the summer pass by so quickly?

Rob was away for the annual 'Boys' Weekend', and I had fun with family visiting from out of town.

When my mom tries to guilt me into visiting Kitchener, I kid her that the road goes both ways. This weekend, I managed to coax her, my sister Kathy and her beau Jeff, into an overnight visit.

Dave and Therese and Emma popped by Saturday afternoon and we sat out back and enjoyed the garden.  It was a bit chilly, and leaves were falling to the ground, but it was a nice sunny day.

I wanted to treat my guests to dinner. The Crazy Tomato around the corner, Lahore Tikka in Little India, or Greek on the Danforth? No one seemed to have a preference so I steered us to the restaurant at Bluffers Park Marina. The service was excellent, the view was great, and the food was pretty good.

My sister hasn't seen the boat yet in the water yet - she has a business that keeps her weekends booked most of the summer - so we popped over to sit on Yondering for a couple of hours. It was dark and fairly deserted at the club, although a cabin light shimmered here and there. All seemed still and quiet, except for the occasional honks of the Trumpeter swans. A few glided by on the water, puffs of white sailing by in the darkness.

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