Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last days of summer

morning view from deck
When we sailed to the Island Thursday night I intended on a commute into the city for a day's work, but luckily the winds changed and I ended up only working a half day from the boat.

Rob and I took the ferry into the city, had Dim Sum at the Pearl, and then rode our bikes down to Queen's Quay and the Music Garden, where a butterfly bush was living up to its namesake, covered in Monarchs and Red Admirals.

At the marina there, Rob ended up chatting with a sailor couple that had just returned from 7 years in Europe... Spain, France, Germany, Austria.  We stood dockside chatting about their adventures. 30 foot waves in the Atlantic. Spanish sailors taking over the marine radio to sing karaoke at night.

Later, when it got dark, Rob and I went down to the beach to listen to the waves and watch them catch the moonlight. Plotting to have a sailboat down south in the winter and returning here in the summer. What would it take?

Lightning sent us hurrying back to the boat, where we zipped up the shelter to prepare for rain. One minute I was looking at the calm surface of the water with the CN Tower and a nice steady reflection. We heard the rain coming before we felt it, and then watched the skyline disappear in the haze.  A timpani of raindrops on the canvas.

waiting for the ferry
Butterfly bush in the  Music Garden

the skyline at night, between the rain showers

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