Friday, August 2, 2013

Yondering wandering... and wondering

Are there people who can plan their sailing holidays? By 'plan', I mean that they book off the time, but they also set their direction and itinerary and stick to it. They actually follow the plans they've laid.

Rob and I definitely don't fall into that category. Our work-a-day lives are scheduled enough, thank-you-very-much.

We loaded up Yondering on Wednesday night for our summer holiday and when we woke up Thursday morning still weren't sure if we would be heading across the lake to Wilson New York, traveling east to Waupoos, or cruising west. We would go where the wind would take us. A romantic enough notion.

Yet, when it seemed the South Shore would prevail we changed our minds. We've gone there the last 3 years.

So in the morning I signed out of the club with the destination 'west ?'

Once through the gap, though, we promptly set our sails and committed to the east.

So here we are, tied to a slip in Cobourg.

It was a pretty good sail, we only needed to turn the motor on for about four of the ten hours. I read and dozed and woke and read and napped and stood at the helm and snacked and read and looked at the water and watched the Toronto skyline slowly disappear in the distance.

I could feel my tension evaporating. Maybe it contributed to the storm clouds overhead. Friday morning, listening to the weather on marine radio, days and days are forecast with "Cloudy. 40% chance of rain. Thunder showers." Again we were changing our minds about whether to stay in Cobourg another night or head out.


And it is a good thing, because the thunder showers have started. We're snugged in here with a plan to head out at 5:30  tomorrow morning, traveling toward the sunrise. 

Today we will pedal our bikes in between raindrops, maybe watch some DVDs, and if and when it clears up, hang out on the beach or just wander.

A relaxing holiday weather or not.

Wonder and wander with Yondering.

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