Friday, July 19, 2013

Catching up on my weeding....

There is something satisfying about clearing out weeds, and today I spent a couple of hours tearing them out of the front and back garden. They seem to be thriving in this heat.

I should have taken some 'before' and 'after' photos!

Today the astilbe are more brown than pink and the purple clematis is beginning to drop its petals. There are a few more nasturtiums and the purple coneflowers have plumped up. The hellebores continue to add visual interest, with their delicate seed heads and dried blooms.

Griskit hangs out by the pond watching the fish, tapping her paws into the water every now and then trying to catch a goldfish. Either they are deliberately taunting her or blissfully unaware of the threat. They keep swimming back and forth until she startles them and then they swim to shelter themselves under the leaves of the hosta, emerging a few seconds later. I'm not sure what she'd do if she actually caught one... maybe she is a catch and release fishercat.

(Photos in this post were snapped between July 4 - 11)

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